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Kyoto-Nishijin Ishikawasekizai adopts the following personal information protection policy and organizes the program for the protection of personal information through which the company will promote the protection of personal information by assuring the awareness of the importance of protecting personal information and the endeavor therefor.

Control of Personal Information
For the sake of accurately maintaining the personal information of each customer in an updated status and preventing unauthorized access or loss, damage, alteration, leakage, or whatsoever of such personal information, the company will maintain the security system, organize the control system, thoroughly implement employee training, and take other comparable precautions through which Kyoto-Nishijin Ishikawasekizai will implement the security measures and strictly control the personal information.

Use and Purpose of Personal Information
The personal information acquired from each customer will be in use for communication to such customer, provision of service information, and emailing or posting of materials to such customer in response to inquiries from such customer.

Prohibition on Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
Kyoto-Nishijin Ishikawasekizai will properly control the personal information acquired from each customer and will not disclose such personal information to any third party unless any one of the following is applicable:

If such customer consents to such disclosure
If in providing the services as desired by such customer, Kyoto-Nishijin Ishikawasekizai discloses such personal information to service provider engaged by the company
If such disclosure is required by law

Security Measure for Personal Information
Kyoto-Nishijin Ishikawasekizai will implement all possible security measures for ensuring the accuracy and security of the personal information.

Inquiry by Information Subject
If any customer wishes to make an inquiry or requests the revision, deletion, or whatsoever of his/her own personal information, the company will comply with such inquiry or request upon confirmation that such inquiry or request is made by the information subject him/herself.

Compliance with Laws/Norms and Review
Kyoto-Nishijin Ishikawasekizai will comply with all Japanese laws and other norms applicable to the personal information held in the possession of the company and will review this policy from time to time as part of its endeavors for the improvement.

Please address any inquiry about the handling of the personal information to the following address:

Kyoto-Nishijin Ishikawasekizai
362 Myorenjimae-cho, Omiyahigashi-iru, Teranouchi-dori,
Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 602-8418 Japan